Death Essay Writing

Understand the True R.I.P. Meaning

A death essay follows the same format like all other essays. It starts with a short but attention-grabbing introduction. Essay introduction is one of the most important parts of an essay. After the introduction, comes the body of the essay, which is followed by an effective conclusion.

To write an essay on death the writer must take extra care in grammar. Many times, wrong grammar changes the entire meaning of a sentence. This may annoy many people and upset them. It may also be insulting at times, when you write something which means something else. So, grammar should be a high priority when such essays are written. Simple language should be used to avoid too many errors, because death is a highly emotional subject and you obviously don’t want to hurt someone’s emotions.

Death is nothing but a transition of a living being from one state of existence to another. This is a scientific statement. But, because living beings have feelings, they get emotionally attached to their relatives, friends and loved ones. This feeling of attachment makes any living being sad when a close one dies. It is a feeling of losing someone forever. Even though we know that the dead is never going to return, and that we have lost that person forever, we tend to have a hope for the return of that person. And that is why people cry and think of the dead for weeks and months. To write death essays essentially important to understand such feelings. It is very difficult for a hollow-minded person, who doesn’t care for anybody in the world, to write such essays.

People of different religions follow different perceptions for death. In Hinduism, death is a blissful transition from one state to another. They believe in the concept of several reincarnations. In every incarnation a person gets a new life which he has to lead on the path he chooses. Christians believe that a dead person goes in a state of dormancy from which he is brought out by Jesus who decides whether you go to heaven or hell. It depends on how you have lived your life. The more sins you have committed more are the chances for you to go to hell. Such religious views of death can also be taken as the main subject of a death essay. Most religions preach about hell and heaven, but there are many who believe that hell or heaven is experienced on earth itself.

All different concepts of death remind us that life on earth is temporary. Our belongings, ego, power, and knowledge will all perish one day. To attain eternal happiness one should be kind and helpful throughout his/her life. Not only humans but animals also suffer the same physical problems and follow the same life cycle of nature (Also see Nature Essay). The more bad deeds you do, the more you and your family will suffer. Every person should develop an open-minded, stress-free and generous nature to lead a blissful and successful life. Every person should work against acts of violence, corruption and terrorism to die peacefully. If a writer follows the steps mentioned in this Death Essay, he/she can help in bringing peace to the world as in peace essay.