Critical Essays: How to Write One

The Art of Writing Critical Essays Lies in Objective Reviewing.

Writing Critical Essays involves critiquing or reviewing a piece of work. This piece of work is normally connected to the arts. Such essays typically revolve around books, paintings, movies or even plays. Writing an essay of this type requires a lot more than just a simple summary of another essay. It is also a lot more than your opinion on the essay that you are reviewing. If are confused about what writing this kind of essay involves, it may be wise to approach an essay writing service.

So what does writing such an essay actually involve? Well, to start with, Critical Essays involve an objective analysis of the given work. This requires a thorough and careful investigation of the positive as well as the negatives aspects of the essay. Another point to keep in mind is that these essays need to be highly informative and they must emphasize the work instead of opinions. Whatever observations are made regarding the essay and whatever claims are made regarding the essay content, must be supported with valid evidence. Due to this reason, while writing this type of essay, you never use the first person tense.

While writing this essay, it is very helpful to follow the normal essay writing format. This format consists of title, introduction, body and the conclusion. It would also be helpful to keep certain essay tips in mind while writing your essay.

Tips for Writing Critical Essays

1. Remember that such essays must be informative. These essays stress upon the study of a particular literary work. They do not discuss the writer’s feelings and opinions of the work. Every single claim made regarding the literary work must be supported by concrete evidence.

2. Keep in mind the difference between facts and feelings. The difference between the two is simple; your beliefs regarding a play, a book or even a poem are inconsequential. What is important is whether you are able to prove what you believe by pointing out specific evidence that lies within the text, the author’s biographies or even inside critical discussions of the literary piece of work.

3. The meaning of criticism does not involve attacking the author or the work. Criticism basically means thinking about the work in a critical manner, exploring the work and discussing your observations.

4. A lot of times, writing such essays leads to teaching or informing your readers about something that they never discovered before with regards to the literary text.

5. The tone used in such essays is normally a serious tone. These essays can also employ an objective tone. At times, it is also considered alright to employ a less formal tone, maybe even with a slight touch of humour, though this is usually not the norm.

Besides these tips, you should also be very particular about the format of your Critical Essays. These essays will normally require you to quote as well as summarize and it is important that you follow the correct format for this. The format used for this purpose is normally the MLA format, which is used for examining literature. All the best!