How to Write Comparison Essays

The Block Format Method of Writing Comparison Essays

Comparison Essays

Comparison Essays compare and contrast two subjects. An essay of this type can compare and contrast two characters in different books having the same author. It can also highlight the similarities and/or differences between buying a particular thing at various places. In this essay type, the writer of the essay can make strong statements regarding the appropriateness of the comparisons made, or the reasons for the writer having a certain preference for a particular comparison as compared to another.

There are two methods for writing Comparison Essays. One method is the block format. The second method is the feature-by-feature format. It is important that you learn both these format types before you begin writing your comparison essay. The block format method has been explained below. Take a look at the steps to follow it.

Steps for following the block format method

1. Introduction

The essay intro is an extremely important part of any essay. Start with a line that is interesting and will get the attention of the readers. You could start with a question, provide a reason for why the topic you are writing about is important or interesting or write down what the two subjects of your essay have in common. After this, the two subjects being discussed should be named. You must then tell your readers if these two subjects are very alike, very different or have numerous interesting or important similarities and differences.

2. Paragraph – First Subject

In Comparison Essays the paragraph following the introduction must discuss the characteristics of the first subject. Make sure that when you discuss the similarities and differences, you provide relevant examples as proof that they do exist. The second subject must not be mentioned here. Avoid writing long, lengthy paragraphs. Write a number of short paragraphs rather than one or two long ones.

3. Paragraph – Second Subject

The paragraph discussing the second subject must start with a transition that shows the readers that the second subject is being compared to the first subject. When you make a comparison, try and use cue words. Examples of cue words are:
• Like
• Similar to
• Also
• Unlike
• On the other hand

Make sure that you provide valid examples when you point out the existing similarities and differences. Avoid writing long, lengthy paragraphs. Write a number of short paragraphs rather than one or two long ones.

4. Conclusion

The conclusion is the last paragraph of your essay. Here you need to provide a short summary discussing the most important similarities and differences in general. Some good ways of ending your concluding paragraph are with a personal statement, a prediction or an interesting fact.

Comparisons Essays are easy as well as interesting to write. Once you learn the two format types, you can choose the format that best suits your essay. If you feel you need to know more about compare contrast essay formats, you could look at an essay writing service for guidance.