Comparison essay

Comparison essay writing guidance

Essentials of comparison essays

Comparison essay might seem like the easiest type of academic writing. Some may think that the point of this essay is to find things that are alike and things that are different from one another. Of course, extrinsically, it may seem very easy. Nevertheless, there is a stumbling block in it. You have to demonstrate why those similarities and differences are important.

It usually discusses the similarities between two things, people, concepts, places etc. Comparison essays are essential part of written academic assignments that is why you should take into consideration essential steps of composing this paper.

Basic steps of writing comparison essays

In comparison essay it is appropriate to discuss both similarities and differences of two subjects, or, that is much easier, to stay focused on a single point. These essential steps of comparison essay writing can help you get started writing and organizing your work.

  • It is essential not only to provide thorough list of similarities in the essay. Your assignment is to provide reasonable point of view on how these comparisons create meaningful connection. You are able to choose the most appropriate theme among various essay topics. Take into consideration the significance of the topic and the aspect of your interest to it.
  • You have to create solid thesis statement. Here you are to persuade your audience that this comparison is worth attention.
  • Choose the most appropriate pattern of the essay. You may choose “tandem” pattern. In this case you should provide the list of all similarities and differences of the subjects. After that you have to provide all information about one thing and then everything about another. Alternating pattern calls for confrontation of all pros and cons.
  • You should support your analysis with solid pieces of evidence. For each point of discussion you should provide informational support.
  • You should propose your own point of view concerning the subject. All in all, your position is the most important part of the whole assignment.
  • Take into consideration that it is necessary to check and proofread the comparison essay. The point is this kind of essay can become really bombastic. That is why you should revise your essay in order to stick to the topic.

Comparison essays writing tips

Writing comparison essay can be a hard nut to crack that is why these useful writing tips can come in handy:

  • As far as you need to support your ideas with appropriate pieces of evidence, do not forget about proper citation of the text. Assure yourself that you know the rules of citation of particular format of the essay (e.g. MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)
  • Find confirmation that the similarities or differences that you are going to use are really important and will help you to acknowledge the thesis statement. Do not use aspects that are not connected to the thesis statement because in this case you will add nebulosity to the paper.
  • It is in order to write a list of similarities and differences on separate pieces of paper.
  • Check these lists in order to find one or two points that are unsuspected or contradictory. Start comparing these points.
  • Create an outline for the essay. Thus it will be much easier to interpose necessary points into the flow of the text.
  • Browse through the available essay samples in order to find useful ideas conserning proper essay writing. Also you can look through different essay samples, like evaluation or persuasive essays.