Writing a Comparative Essay

Learn How to Write a Good Comparative Essay

Comparative Essay

A Comparative Essay provides a comparison between two things. When you write this type of essay you may be told to discuss, by writing a case for and against something. You may also be told to compare various views, events, individuals or things. When you set out to write a comparative paper, you need to be very clear about the purpose of your essay. The most important thing about such essay types is that you need to answer the given essay questions in a way that readers can easily understand.

Steps for Writing Comparative Essays

1. Analyse the essay question

Carry out thorough research so that you have a complete, in-depth understanding of the both the things that are being compared. This research will be a huge advantage for you when the time comes to write an essay as it will help you to compare the common aspects quickly and easily.

2. Write the essay introduction

Begin the introduction to your Comparative Essay with a general point that lays down the common aspects of the two things that you are comparing. Next, write down the specific focus of your essay. Ensure that you have explained the points that will be examined as well as the points that will not be examined when you carry out your comparison. Finally, as your essay intro approaches the end, point out your preference or discuss the importance of the two things.

3. Organise the paragraphs

You can use either of the following methods to structure the paragraphs in your essay body.

• Method 1: Describe each half of the comparison in each paragraph. For instance, start with a paragraph that compares the two things. Every following paragraph must compare just one aspect of both the things till you have finished making all the comparisons. The advantage of this method is that it constantly keeps the various comparisons fresh in the readers’ minds. It also successfully makes the readers pay the same amount of attention to all the sides of the argument in your Comparative Essay.

Example: If your essay is about bananas and oranges

1st paragraph: Colour of bananas versus colour of oranges
2nd paragraph: Vitamins found in bananas versus vitamins found in oranges
3rd paragraph: Benefits of eating bananas versus benefits of eating oranges

• Method 2: in the second method you can switch between the two things paragraph by paragraph. This means the first paragraph of your essay will contain one side of the argument, while the following paragraph deals with another side and so on. This process continues until a conclusion is reached.

Example: If your essay is about bananas and oranges

1st paragraph: Colour of bananas
2nd paragraph: Colour of oranges
3rd paragraph: Vitamins found in bananas
4th paragraph: Vitamins found in oranges
5th paragraph: Benefits of eating bananas
6th paragraph: Benefits of eating oranges

Writing a Comparative Essay may not be easy if you are writing one for the first time. It helps if you are familiar with the steps for writing such an essay. If you need help, consider looking at an essay writing service.