Understanding a Classification Essay

A Helpful Guide to Classification Essay Writing

Classification Essay

The purpose of a Classification Essay is to arrange or organize subjects or topics into categories. The point of such types of essays is to break things down in order to investigate them easily. Certain essays follow a format where the subject information is broken into groups that can be easily distinguished. Other essays try to show readers different categories that are contrasting or unlikely.

Ways to Write a Classification Paper

1. Determine the categories

This step requires you to be very thorough with regards to providing all the categories. Make sure no critical category has been missed out. For instance, if your Classification Essay is on the types of water sports in Hawaii, you have to provide all the types of water sports. If you leave out surfing, your essay will not be considered to be complete. At the same time do not include categories that are unnecessary and that will end up confusing your readers. For instance, if your essay topic is sports shoes, there will be no need to include categories like high heeled shoes. Use your common sense when providing categories and make sure they are relevant to your essay topic.

2. Classify as per a single principle

After you finish determining the categories, ensure that they all fall under one particular organizing principle. This organizing principle is the way in which the groups are sorted. Make sure that different principles do not arise out of the blue. For instance, if your common principle is water sports for tourists, do not include another different principle such as water sports for natives. Another principle would require different categories and would confuse your readers. Stick to one single unifying principle.

3. Support every category equally

This means that every category in your Classification Essay must contain the same number of examples under it. The general rule is that every category must be explained in equal detail and with equal quantity. However, the category that is considered to be the most important can be explained in greater detail than the other categories.

Popular Classification Topics for your Essay

Now that you know how to write your essay on classification, take a look at some popular essay topics for this type of essay:

1. List the different cafes that you have visited and classify them.
2. Look at the books that you have in your house and categorize them.
3. Put the Christmas gifts received in categories as per their utility.
4. Classify your friends in order of their closeness to you.
5. Classify the different flora or fauna found in your area.
6. Classify the different movies that have released in the last year in terms of their theme.
7. List the television programs that you like to watch.
8. Classify the kinds of cars found around your locality as per price range.

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