Article writing

Writing articles is a serious task. Only diligent and creative individuals can cope with it peerlessly. Try and see if you can write an article of your own.

Articles writing and its role

Basically, articles are written pieces which aim at providing certain information and suggesting some analytical views upon a particular topic.

Various writing tasks are not just an activity of journalists and professional writers. Nowadays, such pieces as academic papers, blogs and marketing advertisements are also considered to be articles. So anyone could be given a task to write an article. It can be written either for university local press, or for a web-site. In can be written either for promotion of certain product in a newspaper, or to dwell upon recent events in Africa.

Though article writing is considered to be a tough task even for trained people, everyone could write a descent article by knowing some key rules of this craft.

How to write an article

First of all, if you want to embark upon such an interesting activity as writing articles, it is not necessary to know about inverted pyramid style or copy editing approach. Main issues an article writing beginner has to remember are the following:

  • Make the topic of your article clear and vibrant
  • Be objective, dwell upon the topic comprehensively and without partiality, state both pros and cons of every issue under analysis
  • Find a reliable source of information, do not forget to double-check it credibility
  • Do not forget to structure your article and allocate its main parts

Cornerstone of every article

Article writing is impossible without precise division of the piece into logical parts and structural components. Main components of every article are headline, byline, lead, body and conclusion.

  • Headline must contain the title of your article and implicitly suggest about what the article is about. It must catch the attention of the reader and make him to read your opus until the end.
  • Byline has to contain the name of the author and his occupation.
  • Lead in one of the most important parts of an article. As well as the headline, it must catch the attention of the reader, but to do it more profoundly. For example to give a tone to the style and general slant of the article. Here writers usually use various statements, quotes, rhetorical questions and even jokes.
  • Body is the main part of every article. Here paragraph by paragraph author has to develop a theme and provide arguments in support of his point of view. Events and facts must be depicted chronologically and cause a certain effect on the reader. Here author can use metaphors, hyperboles and other stylistic devises. In articles writing it is also advisable to use contrast and to compare opposite points of view.
  • Conclusion must summarize the whole article, repeat its main key points in other words and suggest the possible solution to the problem, if any.

Show, don’t tell

This phrase has already established as one of the mottos of a successful articles writing. A person who wants to write an article has to remember that the reader has to make his own conclusions and not to have those of the author. Always keep in mind that writing articles is not a fictional writing and it always has to be objective and unbiased.