Art Essay

Make the World Aware of Different Types and Benefits of Art

In a common sense, Art means all activities that show some skills and creativity of human mind. It may seem easy to write about art and artists but to write an art essay the writer must have at least some basic knowledge of the various forms and types of arts.

Long ago when pencils, pens and painting colours, that we use today, were not discovered, people used to show their talents and creativity by carving into walls, woods and rocks. Such carvings can still be found at various places. The carvings done in the pyramids of Egypt are just a couple of examples of ancient art. Art was also found in the prehistoric ages. At that time people used whatever tools they could make by their own hands to materialize their imagination. More information about history can be found in a history essay.

As the world developed and new discoveries took place more and more artists were born who enriched the world with their talent. In art essays a writer can go all the way talking about the olden techniques of art including drawing, painting, carving and sculpture making. Sculptures are still created in wide varieties throughout the world. Most of them are related to specific cultures and religions. It is that form of art which is now found on most of the places. Common people who inherited this talent from their ancestors are now building sculptures for their daily income.

Nowadays when people have become more educated and sophisticated (See education essay), all major forms of art have achieved acceptance and admiration. Painters, sculptors and carvers enjoy high status in society, today. They must be given respect because they are gifted such a great talent which many others don’t possess. I believe, every person has a hidden talent. Some people recognize that talent early in their lives whereas some discover it later. There are some people who do not find that hidden skill in them throughout their lives. This happens with people who live a constantly demoralized life. They have no passion, no goal, and no focus on any subject. It simply means that they need someone to give them moral support and encouragement, which they cant cultivate on their own. Every person can show expertise in the work they perform only if they enjoy it. And experts have the ability to discover new things. Hence, we should believe that every person is an artist, because artist is a person who creates new things by his imagination.

Art is something which enlightens a person’s life with joy and self-respect. It does not necessarily require intelligence. Even a mentally retarded person can create miracles in art. A stressed out person can use it as a stress reliever. Art gives satisfaction and peace of mind (Also see peace essay). By writing an art essay you will yourself realize its immensity, intensity and depth.