Argumentative Essay Writing

Useful Argumentative Essay Writing Tips

How to write argumentative essay? You should take into consideration that argumentative essays deal with disputable issues rather than clear statements. The success of the argumentative essay depends on the essay tone and your ability to persuade your audience. With help of persuasive tone you will be able to create an impression that your point of view is the right one. The main purpose of argumentative essay is to persuade your audience that your point of view is sounder than the opinions of your opponents. This kind of essay writing is a popular assignment of the curriculum. Every student is expected to learn how to write such essays despite the fact that argumentative essays are a hard nut to crack.

The essential elements of an argumentative paper

Bring into notice that it is necessary to practice in making analytic, compelling arguments. Argumentative essays call for development of writing, analytical and deductive skills. The distinctive feature of argumentative essays is in the anticipation of the opposite point of view. The task of argumentative essay writing is really demanding that is why you should do your best when writing it. Thus you have to follow these essential points of argumentative paper:

  • Bring into notice the importance of the argumentative essay topic. It is essential to choose the most appropriate, catching and relevant topic for your essay, closely connected to the interests of your audience. The essay topic should be constrict and able to invite discussion. Take into consideration that your point of view should be based on clear justification.
  • The argumentation should be well-thought-out and supported with solid pieces of evidence.
  • Argumentative essays have a particular essay format.
  • Take into consideration that well-written essay requires a wide range of analyzed information such as statistical data, facts and research findings concerning the chosen research issue.
  • In your essay you should involve denial of opposition’s argumentation and argue the audience into your own point of view.There are two ways of denying the opponent’s argumentation:
    • You can completely disagree with the opposite point of view;
    • Or compromise but prove that the opponent’s argument is not strong enough
  • In your essay you should forestall the opposite argumentation. Show what is wrong with the opponent’s confirmations.
  • When writing the essay you should refer to a minimum 4 sources.

Argumentative essay writing tips

Take into consideration that some sections of essay structure should be focused on certain points:

  • You should strain every nerve when writing thesis statement because this section should be really persuasive.
  • Literature review should include previous attempts to validate the essay arguments.
  • Every argument should be connected with concrete facts.
  • Conclusion should resonate with thesis statement and main ideas of the essay.

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