APA Format Essay: More Format Guidelines

Learn About References and More for Your APA Format Essay.

The APA Format Essay or American Psychological Association format is the type of format that is required for most college essays. Though this format is difficult to use, it is not impossible to learn. With the right guidelines writing your essay with this style of formatting will be a simple task. For help with your essay writing take a look at some basic essentials that your essay must incorporate.

Basics of the APA Format

• The Essay Title Page

Every single essay following the APA format has to compulsorily have a title page. This title page needs to contain the following elements:

1. The title of the essay
2. The name of the essay writer
3. The name of the school, college or university
4. The prefix and name of the course
5. The name of the faculty member
6. The date that the assignment is to be handed in

All the information mentioned above needs to be written with double spacing. It also has to be placed in the center of the first page of the APA Format Essay. This means the information need to be centered in two ways; from the top of the essay to the bottom as well as from side to side.

• The Header

The header of your APA essay must contain a title that has been shortened. It must also include page numbers so that every page of the essay has a proper number.

• Double Spacing

The entire essay must be double spaced. This includes the essay title page as well as the reference page of the essay. This means that there should be no additional or extra spaces between the paragraphs of your essay.

• Font

You need to follow the specifications regarding the font of your APA Format Essay very carefully. The font used in this essay has be either Times New Roman or Ariel. The font size must be 12 for both these fonts.

• Margins

Your essay must have margins that are set at 1 inch all around your essay.

• References

Referencing is an extremely important part of an APA essay. When you incorporate another person’s words, the results of someone else’s research, their ideas or anything else in your essay, you need to ensure that you put a citation in your essay. The format of a citation is typically like this – (last name of the author, publication year: Sullivan, 2009).

If you have placed a citation anywhere in your essay body, you have to compulsorily ensure that a reference to it has been written on the reference page of your essay. Also, if you have written a reference on the reference page of your essay, you must ensure that you have written a citation in the essay body that links to the aforementioned reference. Make sure the references in your APA Format Essay are listed alphabetically as per the author’s last name. In the case of there being no author, you need to use the first word in article title. Good luck.

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