APA Essay Format

How to Follow an APA Essay Format.

APA Essay Format

APA Essay Format is a type of formatting style. The letters APA are an abbreviation for the American Psychological Association. This method of formatting is the most frequently used by academicians for the purpose of writing several types of essays. The biggest difference between the APA format and other types of writing formats lies in the area of providing references for works that have been borrowed. You should always remember that research and writing are not two distinct processes. It is important that when you incorporate materials found in outside sources within your essay, you should credit those borrowed sources. The APA format comes into the picture once you learn how to create an essay outline. An outline should be created in order to note down the information that you want to include in your essay.

The APA Essay Format must follow certain rules:

Referring to the sources of published materials

The author’s last name and the publication source have to compulsorily be placed in parentheses. In case you provide a quote straight from a book, you need to place the page number in parentheses too. In case the name of the author has already been referred to in the work, just place the publication date in parentheses.
When providing a quote from a voluminous publication using the APA style, you need to provide a straight reference to that specific page so that you do not make your readers work hard at finding it. You also need to place the number of the page in parentheses after the referred content when the author’s name has already been placed in your essay writing.


If you provide quotes, according to the  Essay Format, the entire quotation must have a five space indentation. At the end of the quote, place the author’s name, publication year and number of the page in parentheses. However, it is important to keep in mind that this rule should only be followed if the quotation you place exceeds forty words.

Rules for quotations:

• If you quote a published work from two authors, provide only the last names of those authors. The names should be joined by an ampersand.

• If you quote a published work from three to five authors, place all the last names of these authors within your first reference. In all following references, place only the last name of the first author and follow it up with the words ‘et al’.

• If you quote a published work from six or more authors, you should use the ‘et al’ rule.

The APA Essay Format follows an exact outline for every page. Generally, you need to have 1 inch margins on every side of your essay page. Every page is normally 8.5 x 11 inches. The format for the text is double spacing. The font used should be Times New Roman with a size 12 font. The page numbers must be aligned to the top right corner. If you need more help with APA formatting, you could check out an essay writing service for guidance.