Rules for an APA Essay

Write Your APA Essay the Correct Way

APA Essay

An APA Essay is the chosen style for writing social science subject papers. Very simply put, the APA, or American Psychological Association is a formatting guide that is used when writing essays on social science disciplines. This essay format style is well known for making recommendations with regards to paper format, font, referencing, margins and headings.

Purpose of APA style

The focal point of following documenting guidelines is to help writers avoid plagiarism. In order to protect writers form plagiarism, numerous referencing outlines have been formed by a number of academics and groups. The American Psychological Association is one such group. Like other guidelines, this group normally recommends in-text citations, which are placed within a parenthesis and immediately follow the thought or idea that has been borrowed. When writing an APA Essay, writers must always make a point to note down the authors, publication house and year and the page number of the reference source from which the idea was taken.

Components of the APA Format

Take a look at the various parts that form the APA format style:

1. Referencing
The most important part of an APA essay format is the referencing component. Frequently those who write essays include citations, summaries and even quotations from a number of different sources. However, they fail to provide references to where they borrowed this information from. It is necessary that the original author of this information be mentioned in the essay along with the publication year. If lines from a book have been copied in the essay, then the page number of the book must also be provided in the essay.

2. Quotations
If a writer includes a quotation of more than 40 words, it must be indented 5 spaces from the margin and it should also be double spaced. Another APA Essay rule with regards to quotations is that if the quotation is a long one, there should be no quotation marks; instead it should be completed with a full stop.

3. Multiple Authors
If the borrowed information has been written by more than one author, then the names of these multiple authors must be provided when the information is mentioned for the first time in the essay. When the same information is incorporated within the essay again, the writer need only provide the first name of the author followed by et all for the other authors.

4. No Author
At times, the source of the information may not have the name of an author; it may be under a department or even an organisation name. In such cases, mention the name of the department or organisation. Providing the name of the book form which the information is taken will also suffice.

5. Alphabetical Order
In an APA Essay, all the references must be placed in alphabetical order.

6. Abbreviations
Abbreviations may be used later on in the essay, only after the full form has been mentioned. Using a short form helps to save space; however the name of the author, book or department must be provided after every abbreviation.

If you want to learn more about the APA style of formatting, read a free sample essay online or look at an essay writing service for help.