Solution Essay

“What is a solution essay?” you may think. Basically, a solution essay is a kind of academic paper writing where you identify the problem, present its main cases, and suggest the ways of its solving.

Remember, writing about problems and solutions can be quite rewarding. You have a unique opportunity to outline a specific concern in the world and to motivate your audience to do something about it.

Sometimes solution essay writing can be quite laborious. On order to make this process easier, we offer you some tips that will make your work less time- and energy-consuming.

Essay writing steps

You should organize your work properly in order to write a flawless essay. Look through the following steps of efficient solution essay writing:

  • Start your writing – choose the topic. The first step in solution essay writing is choosing the topic. The best essay topic will be the one that really interests you personally. All of us have some issues that we are passionate about. To make your essay successful you should write about something that is genuinely interesting for you and that you have an opinion about. Moreover, you should predict which topic will be interesting for your reader. In other words, the key idea of solution essay writing is choosing a sophisticated topic that is actual and interesting for you and your audience.
  • Narrow your topic. You should consider the fact that some topics are too big to cover in essay writing. In order to avoid this problem, you should narrow your topic to a manageable level. It is not worth trying to focus on global issues in a single paper.
  • Outline the problem. You should work on outlining the problem to make your solution essay sound persuasive. Analyze the problem and put all your ideas on the paper. Devote maximum of your time and effort into the problem explaining.
  • Offer solutions. In your essay writing, you should offer realistic and reasonable solutions and not ones that couldn’t be obtained. You should give enough evidence in order to support them. Use statistics to make your solutions sound more convincing.
  • Motivate the audience. Conclude the final part of you solution essay with getting your readers involved. Call your audience to the action with stating what you want the readers to do and which results you hope to reach.


A solution essay is a powerful tool of convincing. Your solution essay will be successful if you will analyze the topic deeply, do the research attentively, outline the problem clearly, and set concrete goals toward a solution.

If you still have some problems with solution essay writing, you can find essay examples on our web site.

Make efforts and you will reach a successful result! Good luck!