School Essay Writing Tips

Learn How To Write School Essays

Do you want to keep your grades high in school? You cannot neglect your school essay in that case. But who cares? They are just essays. You just have to pen them down, right? No, that’s not all. It is found that almost all students know how to write but seldom do they know how to ‘WRITE’, if you get what I mean. Just scribbling down a few lines is different from forming a coherent legible paragraph. Though it can seem tough, it is not impossible.

First thing that you should remember when you start writing essays are that you should not play with the rules unless you know and understand them by your heart. Every essay example has a specific format, being decided upon by the connoisseurs after much study. Perhaps that is the best way of expression when you write an essay. So, don’t fiddle with the preset rules, will you?

All essay topics start with an opening paragraph that is more commonly known as introduction. Don’t skip the introduction. It is very crucial in determining the style and strength of your essay examples. It sets the thesis of your essay. Just think about it. Your introduction is supposed to ‘introduce’ the point. Do it in a clever way that catches the attention of your readers.

Then, there is the body of the school essay. It should comprise of multiple paragraphs (the number of paragraphs depend on the length of essay and the demand of topic). Each paragraph should contain one idea. This is the unity of the paragraph. Your paragraph starts with a topic sentence that is the thesis of the paragraph. You then support it with further descriptive statements. Also you can confer some facts from it. That’s your one paragraph.

When you have talked a lot about your topic, you need to end it in a smooth manner. What you do in the conclusion of your essay is restating the thesis once again, outlining the points afresh, and end it nicely. Conclusion is not just about repeating the same thing. But it’s about drawing the end line. Sometimes, the power of conclusion is enhanced when you add some spice to it. Let’s say you had some interesting fact rolled up your sleeve. What you do in your conclusion is reveal that fact. It strengthens the point of your school essays.

One thing must be remembered. Introduction and conclusion should never be ignored in your essay. These are the two most important paragraphs of the write-up. If they are loosely bound with the body, your school essay won’t have the persuasive ability that it ought to possess. You got it? Good.

The school essays are writing for keeping up good grades in your subjects. But they are not useless at all. In the future, you do have to do a lot of essay writing, if you get into the field of law or even management. You have to write. And as they say, “Don’t write to be understood; write NOT to be misunderstood”. You will need this advice for writing an outstanding essay.