Essay Writing Guide

Basic Guideline on How to Write an Essay

I can feel your condition! You are holding the pen in your hand and staring at the blank paper. You just don’t know how to start your essay. Ah! How you wish you could get a basic simple essay writing guide, don’t you? Well, you are not alone and in fact, there are thousands of young people who don’t have an idea of even simple written expression, save alone essay writing.

But then again, we cannot leave you alone at this desperate state and thus, here you are going to find a simple yet effective format of how to write essays in the easiest and most precise steps possible.

The first step involved in essay writing is to understand the topic. Many a times, it has been found that the topic is about something and the writer has scribbled away something else almost. This ruins the essence and aim of your essay, and thus the very first thing that you should focus on is to comprehend about what the essay topics are.

The next step to know about essay writing guide is to research, research and research. You should thoroughly research on your topic. Once you understand what your essay is about, you will find that you don’t know what to write about it. You just don’t have sufficient material that you can write. For that, you need to research and dig up material. Search up books, the journals and search over the Internet. If you put in some efforts, there will be no dearth of quality material for your essay example.

Let’s say you have got a lot of material now for your essay. One important tip on writing an essay comes here. Sieve the material. Find out the relevant points and irrelevant points. Understand the thesis of your essay and see what you would like to include using as its support.

After you have your points ready, the next step is to format the outline of your essay. Your essay needs to be cogent and coherent. It needs to flow in a smooth manner, starting with the strongest points and ending with the strongest points. In the middle of your essay, you can include the weaker ideas. Remember that it is always at the beginning and at the end, that the reader will focus more and will be more vulnerable to your influence.

Now what in God’s name are you waiting for? You know the thesis of your essay, you have sufficient material and you have already chalked out the plan. Just start writing, following the format. Put skin and flesh into the bones. That’s it. Here is your essay.

That’s the most basic and easiest step-by-step essay writing guide. The next time you find yourself staring at your paper, find these tips article out and follow them.