Essay Quotes

Tips to Help You Use Essay Quotes the Right Way.

Essay quotes or quotations can be used in a number of ways. Some essay writers use them right in the start; they make it a point to begin their essay with them. Some writers prefer to use quotes in the essay body. Yet others prefer to save them for the end. Quotes have great importance and are a vital component of research papers. Quotations also give merit and add credibility to essays in general.

Given the importance of quotations, it is only reasonable to expect that they need to be used judiciously. There is, in fact, a particular manner in which they must be used. A quotation used incorrectly can lead to numerous problems and the negatives of improper usage can end up vastly outweighing their benefits. Take a look at some tips and information to help you with your essay writing.

  • Never use the word “quotes” in your essay. The word “quote” is the slang, colloquial way of referring to the actual word “quotation.” The word “quote” can be used comfortably while making a speech. However, when it comes to talking about quotes, you need to ensure that you always write the entire word: quotation.
  • In the case of complete quotations, the first quotation mark goes by the name of the “open quote.” The quotation mark that comes second is known as the “close quote.”
  • When you write a quotation mark in your essay, the punctuation marks must always be placed within the quotation mark. This means that all punctuation marks such as full stop or period, comma, question mark and exclamation mark need to always be placed before the quotation mark ends.
  •  This last tip regarding essay quotes has to do with citations. When you cite particular documentation in your essay, you must ensure that you use quotations to do so. Quotations must also be necessarily used when you quote a person, an article, a book or even an author.

Besides these essay tips, you also need to make sure that you select a quotation that is relevant to your essay. If your quotation has no relevance at all to your essay, it will have no meaning. For this reason, in order to write a good essay, you need to put some thought into selecting a good quotation. Take a look at what makes a good quotation.

A good quotation is one that successfully:

• Impacts the reader of the essay from the start
• Makes your essay more credible
• Gives your essay a touch of humour
• Turns your essay into something more interesting
• Ends the essay with food for thought

Your essay quote needs to fulfil all these criteria in order to be considered to have any value at all. If it fails to achieve these targets, the quote is pointless and should not be placed inside your good essay. Remember, it is better to put no quote at all, than to put a pointless one that does more damage than good.