Essay About Freedom

If We are Free enough

Everybody loves freedom, wants it, and seeks for it. At least, this is a common assumption. But there are many questions that need to be answered. “What exactly is freedom?” you may ask. “How to define it? Is it the same as democracy?”. These are rhetorical questions.

We were born to be free. Freedom is an essential and important part of our life. It consists of different aspects. In different nations and cultures the meaning and limits of personal freedom may vary much.

Each of us wants to be independent and free. Commonly, freedom is an absolute right to do anything you want. You are free to decide where to live, what to eat, how to dress, which religion to believe. The limits of freedom are hard to determine. The only one limit should be mentioned: the freedom of one person finishes where the freedom of another one starts.

What is Freedom?

Freedom is a synonym of democracy, some people may consider. Others will claim that real freedom is an opportunity to act and incarnate ideas as they feel and think. Some are convinced that it is a capability to do what they want. In general, freedom is thought to be the right to choose, make decisions independently, and stay far from the pressure of other people. It is obvious that the concept of freedom is quite wide, because everyone understands it differently. That’s why there can’t be a strict definition of it.

Advices for writing a flawless essay about freedom

Writing an assay about freedom is a common assignment at schools and colleges. You can write your paper in the form of a persuasive assay to convince the audience of your viewpoint. You are free to decide which information to cover in you academic paper. You can talk about the concept of freedom in general, freedom of speech, philosophy, liberty and so on. You should choose the topic according to your interests. It is easier to write about something you like and know.

Take into consideration the fact that if you plan to become a layer, it is a good idea to connect your essay about freedom with human rights and responsibilities. This kind of writing is chance for every student to reveal his views and convictions.

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