APA Format Essay

A Few Guidelines About Margins, Spacing and Headers for APA Format Essays.

The APA format essay is required in a lot of colleges. This is different from the MLA format of essay writing. APA stands for American Psychological Association. The use of this format can be very challenging for those who have just begun writing college papers. Take a look at the rules for margins, spacing and headers for the APA format.

The first step you need to take to format your essay according to the APA format is setting your margins. If you have Microsoft Office 1997-2003, the default is set at 1.25” for the left hand side and right hand side margin. You need to reset this to 1” for both the margins in order to abide by the standards of an essay format. If you are using Microsoft Office 2007, both the margins are already set at 1” as a default.

If you are an Office 1997-2003 user you need to select the ‘file’ option, and then go to ‘page set up’. Here you will find the ‘margin’ tab open in the dialogue box. Now you need to put in number 1 in every box; this means you set the boxes on the left side, right side, top and bottom to number 1. Select the ‘default’ button at the end of the dialogue box and then select the option ‘yes’.

Your next step is to make sure you are using double spacing in your essay. If you use Office 1997-2003 you can do this by going to the ‘format’ option and then selecting ‘paragraph.’ In the centre of the Paragraph dialogue box there will be an option called ‘line spacing.’ Click on this drop down box and choose the ‘double’ option. This should be done before you begin your essay. In case you have already started writing your essay, you need to select the text you want to double space by highlighting it before you select the double line spacing option. APA format essays do not permit any additional spaces between paragraphs. You must delineate your paragraphs through indentation; this means indenting the first sentence of every paragraph.

After this, move on to creating a Header. If you are using Office 1997-2003, you need to choose the ‘view’ option in the menu and then select ‘header’ and ‘footer.’ On selecting this, the Header box will open. It is the one with a dotted line outline. Here you have two options; you can tab to the last header tab and shift it to the margin as it will be set to about an inch or you can choose the right justify icon to shift the cursor to the extreme right of the header.

Type the title of your APA format essay. This needs to be a revised version of your essay title that does not exceed 50 characters. Now go to the header dialogue box. Select the auto page number icon by clicking on it. It is the first one and resembles a box with ‘#’ sign on it. Shut the header. It is now set to appear on all pages of your essay with the right numbering. At EssayChampions.com, you can master the unique writing techniques of a good essay outline!