Narrative Essay Topics

Narrative essay is a kind of writing where you tell a story. You are free to decide which story to tell and how to tell it. This story creates a picture in the readers mind with details, plots, and characters. To make your essay absolutely successful you should structure it clearly, formulate the central point in the way easy to catch, and develop it using specific details. If your narrative essay is compliant with all this characteristics you can be sure of its effectiveness.

Let’s catch the reader’s attention

What is the most important in narrative essay writing is to make your work interesting and exciting to read. The best narrative essays are those that catch the reader’s attention from the very beginning and keep it till the very end. These papers are truly outstanding and memorable.

One of the most effective ways of catching the reader’s attention is correctly chosen and properly formulated topic. With an effective topic you will surely catch the attention from the very beginning of your essay. The best topics sound catchy and provocative, make the reader stay intrigued.

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You are not sure about what to write, aren’t you? If you don’t know which topic will be the most effective for your narrative essay, we can help you. Here you can find the list of the most catchy narrative essay topics. They will definitely help you to write a successful essay!

  • When I Got Lost
  • My Favorite Meal
  • An Animal I Would Be
  • If I Could Go Back in Time
  • A Place I’d Like to Live
  • Something I Wish I Had
  • If I Could Only See One Color
  • If I Could Change One Thing About Me
  • I’d Like to Invent This
  • My Secret Place
  • Something Nobody Knows About Me
  • My Hero
  • If I Could Be Somebody Else for a Day
  • Most Interesting Animal Encounter
  • You Won’t Believe I Saw This
  • If I Were Invisible
  • My Favorite Weather Story
  • My Favorite Superpower
  • If I Could Have Any Pet
  • If I Were President
  • If I Could Have Any Pet
  • If I Had a Million Dollars
  • A TV Show I Would Make Up
  • If I Could Have Any Pet
  • The Most Beautiful Thing in the World
  • My Parents Were Right
  • My Favorite Toy Ever
  • A Hard Lesson Learned
  • My Earliest Memory
  • My Greatest Accomplishment
  • If I Could Make School Rules
  • My Favorite Gadget
  • A Secret Place
  • Under My Bed
  • The Hardest Thing I Ever Had to Do
  • If I Could Live in Another Century
  • This Made Me Laugh!
  • The Greatest Invention
  • If I Could Invent a Holiday
  • My Secret Talent
  • The Year 2050
  • When I Was a Little Kid
  • 5 Things I Can’t Live Without
  • 5 Things I Would Give Up
  • Most Memorable Trip
  • Something That Disappeared
  • The Best News I Ever Received

Narrative essay should sound like an exciting story interesting to read. During writing you should find those details that make your story more entertaining, amusing, and newsworthy. Your narration should be bright and outstanding. Use striking examples, remarkable illustrations, and effective explanations to reach this goal.

What is important in essay writing?

You should fill your narrative essay with the emotions you feel and deliver them to the reader. Sharing the emotional details with the reader is an effective technic in narrative essay writing.

• Use bright and colorful words to let the reader feel the same feelings you have experienced.
• Your main point should be stated in the topic sentence and supported by the elements of the story.
• Use flashbacks to create a climax in your narration.
• Write your essay in the first person to let it sound more personal.

Here you have found a lot of catchy narrative essay topics that you can easily choose from. But if you still need help we are ready to do assistance. In the case you are not able to select a good topic or to write an essay, you can buy essay here or ask us for a consultation.