«How To» Essays Topics

Learn About Writing «How To» Essays

Writing «How To» Essays can be very interesting. To begin such types of essays you need to start by selecting a suitable topic. However, the problem here is that the purpose of such essays is to teach others ‘how to’ do something. Most people embarking on this kind of essay journey find it rather difficult to select essay topics for this kind of writing. This is because they are not confident that they know a particular subject well enough to teach other people about it. However, keep in mind that this is simply not true. Every person has some knowledge that they can share. You could write a how-to essay on just about anything under the sun. For example, you could write an essay on ‘how to write APA format essays’ or even ‘how to use essay quotes’!

If you are looking for inspiration to select a topic, take a look at some popular how-to topics.

Popular «How To» topics are:

• Set a table
• Milk a cow
• Read palms
• Wash a car
• Burn a CD
• Collect stamps
• Clean a bedroom
• Make a pizza
• Play a guitar

Once you select a topic you can start writing about it. The best way to write this type of essay is to begin by informing readers about what they would need in order to do the thing they want to do. For example, if you are writing an essay on ‘How to milk a cow’ you can inform your readers that they would require a pail, short stool, two hands and a cow in order to successfully milk a cow.

After this you can move on to the «How To» Essay process. This can be explained very simply in steps. For example, if you writing an essay on ‘how to write a 5 paragraph essay,’ you could explain it in the following way:

  • Write the introductory paragraph
  • Form the body with three supporting paragraphs
  • Write the closing paragraph

The number of steps you lay down in your essay depends entirely on you. However, the best thing to do is keep each step as simple as possible.

After you have listed the steps you can end your essay with a number of helpful tips or guidelines. For instance, if your essay topic is ‘How to write a good essay,’ you could follow the steps to good essay writing with a section on tips. For example:

Some tips for good essay writing are:

• Answer the question
• Remain original
• Avoid complicated words
• Spend time on your introduction
• Ensure your content is relevant
• Write a conclusion

Writing «How To» Essays can be a lot of fun. These essays let you research, understand and explain how to do a particular thing. The best part of this kind of essay is that it gives you the freedom to put in steps, guidelines, tips and helpful hints and thus create an interesting and fun read.