Research Paper Outline

Outlining A Research Paper

Can you strike the balance of writing the research paper? There is no format where you can change particular elements. The nature of research paper is stiff that is why it is necessary to establish optional methods of writing it. Research paper outline can save a lot of time and effort by formatting the structure of the paper. It is the best way to start writing your research paper.
The research paper outline provides a picture of main and accessorial ideas of the research project. With its’ help you have a possibility to focus the most essential area of the research. In this case you will be able to differentiate the importance of the information gathered for the research.
You can use outlining for class reading assignment, an essay, the research paper, speech or literature review.

How to accomplish outlining research papers?

The well-structured outline of the research paper should look like this:

  • Introduction of the topic. Here you should introduce the chosen topic.
  • Location of the background. Here you should provide methodology and literature review of the research paper.
  • Posing the thesis.

Body paragraph. Part 1:

  • Link to the introduction.
  • Discussion of the object in detail
  • Expression of your opinion on the concern

Body paragraph. Part 2:

  • Fluent transition to the main point of discussion
  • Particularized discussion with appropriate pieces of evidence and cited resources
  • Accomplishment of discussion point.

Body paragraphs. Parts 3, 4 and 5:

  • Discussion of each point with necessary adjustments where necessary
  • Link to the final body paragraph


  • Repeating of the thesis
  • Summarizing the main points
  • Conclusion of discussion. Positive announcement of successful accomplishment of the research.

Writing tips on outlining the research paper

Take into consideration that it is impossible to create logical research paper outline without deep knowledge of the subject.

  • First and foremost, assure yourself that outlining the research paper meets the requirements of the assignment. Some tutors can indicate the necessary outline, for example, in a sentence form or in chronological order.
  • Use linking words and phrases to provide seamless transition between paragraphs.
  • Organize a schedule for the contents of all paragraphs. Thus you will simplify the work with data gathered for the research paper.
  • Provide clear notion for work with information. In this case you will be able to point out what to include and what to leave out.
  • You can receive well-structured outline in case if you can give rise for the elements of the composition.
  • Research paper outline template can come in handy. There you can find useful ideas how to structure the work properly. Take into consideration that the chosen outline template hits the spot of all the aspects of your research paper, field of study and educational level. There are a lot of appropriate templates at the online writing services. In case you can not find the template that is in tune with your assignment, prepare it by yourself.