Bibliography writing

Bibliographies Writing As A Vital Part Of A Research Activity

Basically, bibliography is a list of sources from where the author has taken information for his research work, essay or dissertation. Bibliography is important for those people, who will evaluate this work and would like to see, where the information was taken from and how many sources were used. It is possible to state that bibliography is a structured list of referential materials used in a particular academic piece.

All in all, bibliography writing is as important, as other parts of any research project such as front page, introduction or reference list. Moreover, if there is no bibliography in a work, many higher educational establishments would treat it as plagiarism.

Basically, there are as many ways of bibliography writing, as there are types of an academic writing itself. Sometimes it is very easy to mix them up. But fortunately, there is one standard way of writing bibliographies, which will be appropriate in any case.

In order to write a bibliography, you should follow next crucial steps:

  • First of all, take a separate sheet of paper and entitle it as Bibliography. Remember that bibliographies and reference lists are always written on the separate sheet of paper at the end of the work.
  • Make an alphabetic list of works which you have used in your piece and state their original writers. The list should be made by the last name of the author: first goes the last name of the author, then goes comma and then his or her first name followed by a period. Then write the title of the book in italics and then again goes a period. You might underline the name of the book if you want.
  • Next step is to cite the name of the article in quotation marks. Then state the name of the journal or magazine, where it was taken from, if applicable. It is here where the volume number must be stated if there is any. After that write the city where the book was published and put a colon.
  • The only thing left is to write the name of the publisher followed by a coma, then to write the date of publication and this is it. Do not forget to mention your bibliography in the content page.

Though bibliographies writing is a rather challenging task, you can easily write one by following these basic instructions. Moreover, in order to learn more about bibliography writing you can attend special writing classes at you university or college. You can also use custom writing services, which will not only help you with bibliography, but also could write an entire work for you.

Summing up, it is up to you which way to chose. The only thing that matters is dedication and the clear vision of how to act. Everything else will come during the process.