5 Paragraph Essay: What It Takes to Write One

Learn the Correct Format for a 5 Paragraph Essay.

Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay is quite simple. All you have to do is learn how to create the correct outline for such an essay. In essay writing, the outline consists of five elements:

1.Introductory Paragraph
a.First Supporting Paragraph
b.Second Supporting Paragraph
c.Third Supporting Paragraph
3.Closing/Summary Paragraph

The introductory paragraph

The introductory paragraph is responsible for setting the tone of the essay. The point of this paragraph is to introduce the topic and discuss the thesis. An effective introduction successfully captivates the reader and makes him want to read more. Writing in an active voice makes an introduction all the more powerful. Make an effort to keep the sentences in this paragraph interesting. Brainstorm until you come up with some great supporting ideas. These ideas should be ones that you are knowledgeable about. Knowledge is important in order to create effective arguments in your 5 Paragraph Essay.


When it comes to the supporting paragraphs, each paragraph should flow logically into the next one. Each supporting paragraph must also contain the topic sentence. The first supporting paragraph must contain the strongest argument, the cleverest example and the best illustration. The paragraph subject must be exposed within the first two sentences and should link to the thesis statement contained in the introduction paragraph.

The second body paragraph must contain the second strongest argument, the second cleverest example and the second best illustration. It should logically follow the first paragraph. Just like in the first body paragraph, the second paragraph of your 5 Paragraph Essay must contain the topic in the first two sentences. The topic needs to relate to the thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. The last sentence of this paragraph should provide an introduction to the third body paragraph.

The last body paragraph should contain the weakest argument, example and illustration. It should logically follow the second paragraph. Just like in the first and second body paragraph, the third paragraph must contain the topic within the first two sentences. The topic needs to relate to the thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. The last sentence of this paragraph should provide an introduction to the concluding paragraph.

Concluding Paragraph

The concluding paragraph is the one that ends the essay. This should be written carefully. Sufficient time should be spent on this paragraph in order to effectively conclude your essay. In this paragraph you need to discuss what you mentioned in your introduction paragraph. However this does not mean that you simply copy your introduction. Your concluding paragraph must have original content. Your conclusion must summarize your essay argument in an authoritative tone. It should make a strong point and impact the reader, leaving no room for doubt. It is vital that you ensure that the concluding paragraph is a powerful one.

Once you are done writing your 5 Paragraph Essay, make sure you review and edit your essay. Make sure all the grammar is correct and your writing is consistent with regard to your tenses. Ensure that your entire essay flows logically and smoothly. Submit your essay only once you are sure that it is perfectly complete and error free. Get a life! Our writers always check the accuracy of your essay format!

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